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Jeffrey Conway
Executive Vice President
Collateral Management Transformed: The Outsourcing Solution
A heightened focus on managing counterparty risk is a legacy of the financial crisis that is at the forefront of recent regulatory re-forms. in the derivatives market, counterparty risk was long mitigated, albeit inconsi...

Wendy LaBonte
Senior Vice President, Director of Consultant Relations
Consultant Relations – A Common Goal
As the financial services industry becomes more complex, the consultant community finds itself playing an increasingly vital role in helping institutional investors make critical business decisions. From complying with e...

Peter Amato
Vice President, Wealth Manager Services
Private Banking Outsources for Growth
Banks seeking to expand their wealth services business today face growing competition, most notably among broker/dealers. While opportunities for growth exist, one factor can make the difference in positioning private ba...

Pat Centanni
Executive Vice President
We're helping you respond to the changing marketplace.
By Patrick D. Centanni Delivering innovative, effective solutions to help our clients reach their business goals is a primary focus for State Street. Working closely with sophisticated clients like you, we’ve gained fi...

Challenging Ourselves to Break the Mold: Our Award-Winning IT Infrastructure
For many years, State Street’s IT infrastructure has been winning industry awards and recognition for leadership in technology and innovation. In 2010 alone, we received 10 prestigious awards in the US and UK honoring th...

Jeffrey Conway
Executive Vice President
Outsourcing: A Valid Option in the Slow Growth Environment
In 2009, State Street released its Vision Focus report entitled “Outsourcing Investment Operations: Managing Expense and Supporting Strategic Growth ”. The paper traced the rise of outsourcing in investment operations an...

Kevin Drynan
Senior Vice President and Managing Director
Fund Administration Outsourcing Takes Hold in Canada
Moves to outsource fund administration to third-party providers have been gaining momentum on the global stage for some time. In Canada, the institutional asset management industry has also entered an era of operational ...

Neil Wright
Senior Vice President and Head of the Derivative Strategy and Product Group
Recent Developments in the Derivatives Markets
In 2009, State Street released its Vision report on derivatives entitled “Derivatives Servicing: Managing the Complexity ". The paper examined the challenges of managing growth in derivatives markets, especially the post...

The ICFA Global Custody Panel
Steve Smit, executive vice president and head of State Street Global Markets Europe and Global Services UKMEA, recently participated on the ICFA Global Custody Panel 2010 to discuss the changing custodial landscape. The ...

Kevin Drynan
Senior Vice President and Managing Director
Charting Parallel Paths
The recent financial crisis has cast a bright light on a variety of areas, including the pension industry. This is especially true in Canada, where the leaders of the nine largest pension plans recently called on the gov...
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