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Pension Plans


As pension funds seek optimal ways to manage assets across multiple domiciles and adopt increasingly complex investment types and structures, they require integrated, global solutions and increasingly sophisticated resources. State Street has $5.45 trillion* in pension assets under custody and administration globally. This experience gives us unique insight into the needs of pension funds, along with a proven ability to deliver customized capabilities and expertise.

Leading solutions backed by global expertise and scale

Because of our strong relationships with pension fund sponsors, we are able to partner with policymakers and industry groups worldwide to facilitate the development of pension systems and provide you with cutting-edge products and services. Amid significant change in the industry, with the growth of defined contribution (DC) as the dominant retirement plan model globally, we can help pension funds adapt to the changing environment and deploy best practice approaches.

Our integrated global custody and accounting platform provides a strong foundation for servicing globally distributed pension assets, helping clients benefit from economies of scale and consolidated reporting. Our solutions are backed by leading technology, including advanced performance and analytics tools that provide unparalleled insight into the performance of plan assets and enable funds to manage risk more dynamically than ever before.

Our comprehensive service offering also includes a range of value-added services, such as securities lending, transition management and collateral management, that help asset owners optimize their cost bases and maintain and enhance portfolio values.

As a collaborative partner to pension funds, and a front-line participant in the evolution of pension systems globally, we deliver timely and tailored solutions — backed by a focus on service excellence and a commitment to continuous innovation.

*As of June 30, 2013

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