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Government Entities

Government entities — sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) and other institutions comprising government-owned asset pools that are neither public pension funds or nor traditional reserve assets — differ in size, age, structure, funding sources, policy objectives and risk/return profiles. One thing they all have in common: In today’s challenging environment, they need new organizational structures to promote better communication, cooperation and investment practices in both good times and bad.

At State Street, we’ve been working with government entities and SWFs for more than two decades, making us one of the first asset managers to recognize and focus on this unique client sector. Today, we provide these clients with the wide range of investment servicing, management, and research and trading services they need to be successful.

Our Official Institutions Group (OIG), established by State Street Global Advisors in 2000, oversees the investment management services provided to government entities such as SWFs, central banks and supranational institutions. Through the OIG, we manage more than $400 billion in assets for 75 central banks and government clients around the world* and provide technical and strategic advice and skills transfer to official-sector clients.

Our dedicated staff, including some of the world’s leading experts on sovereign funds, maintains relationships with 40 government entities, including foreign exchange relationships with many of the world’s leading central banks. We also provide flow-based and investor research to approximately 70 percent of the world’s central banks, including those in all G10 nations.

*As of June 30, 2013


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