State Street Global Services


The drive for growth has prompted banks to step up their investment strategies, which means entering new markets, expanding distribution channels and seeking out alternative investments — all of which add new and complex servicing, regulatory and reporting requirements to your already complicated operations. As a leading global financial services provider, State Street has the tools and resources to help you deliver on your operational and administrative responsibilities, so you remain focused on your core business.

With a custodian network that spans more than 100 financial markets, we can support your specialized requirements wherever you invest. Our solutions cover trade settlement, income collection, statutory deposit processing, private placement servicing and corporate reorganizations, as well as related services. These services include daily cash forecasting, automated daily cash sweep, bank loan processing and online reporting using the latest technology.

Our extensive service offerings are backed by the personalized support you expect. Key features of our custody and accounting platform include trade automation and 24/7 reporting, a country-defined calendar, and exchange-rate processing supporting multiple base currencies.

Back-office support services include:

  • Trade processing

  • Asset and bank reconciliations

  • Daily and/or monthly asset valuations

  • General ledger reporting

  • Support for GAAP reporting



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