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Real estate fund administration is core to our business. For more than 20 years, clients have been taking advantage of our extensive real estate expertise and cutting edge technology, designed for and built by real estate experts. As investor demands grow and you have more pressures in resourcing and finding the right real estate technology and servicing team, we’re poised to be your partner of choice.

We provide a partnership approach with leading solutions, direct access to specialists and technology, and the scalability to meet requirements both now and in the future.

Our solutions offer all typical real estate fund types, structures and strategies globally. We have servicing locations in North America, Europe and Asia.

The global real estate platform features state-of-the-art, web-accessible technology supported by a dedicated real estate technology team. The platform is subject to our stringent control environment and compliant with the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16 (SSAE-16).

Our fund administration services include:

  • Real Estate Fund Accounting

  • Property Data Collection (any property management source - feeds our downstream applications)

  • Cash Management / Treasury Services 

  • Investor Services

  • Tax Support  Services

  • Financial Reporting

  • Performance Reporting

  • Specialized and Custom Reporting

  • Debt and Covenant Reporting

  • Completion of Consultant and Clients’ Investors RFIs

  • Preparation of Fund Modelling

  • Custody

  • Company Secretarial and Administration Services

  • Directorship Services

  • European Tax Support Services

  • Document Safekeeping

  • Regulatory Reporting (see separate product sheets)

    •  AIMFD

    • FATCA

    • Form PF

Main Features

Direct Real Estate Expertise

  • A dedicated direct real estate operation with more than 200 real estate professionals and over 60  dedicated real estate technology professionals

  • Globally positioned servicing team with local servicing knowledge

  • One global real estate platform subject to SSAE-16 report

Consolidated Accounting (with 100% of property operations)

  • We support a broad range of accounting methods, including full consolidation

  • Using the financial data submitted by property managers and once property financial results have been reviewed, our proprietary roll-up engine populates different levels or entities within a fund structure up to and including consolidating results at the fund level

  • Levels include asset, venture, investment and portfolio — allowing us the capability to report at each of these levels. Additional levels can be added regardless of the fund structure

  • Our roll-up engine has a unique ability to roll data to the side and convert to different accounting methods for the same portfolio of assets utilizing logic-based rules. This allows us to maintain multiple sets of books (where necessary) for a fund and its investments from the original transmissions submitted by property managers

Automated waterfall calculations

  • Patented application that delivers automated calculations at fund or investment/investor level all from account-driven activity

  • Limited partnership agreement (or similar constitutional documentation) content is held in the application to run complex calculations for distributions, waterfalls and side letter arrangements

  • Can be combined with our internal or an external investor records system to process investor holdings and run complex investor allocations

Services delivered on 

  • Dashboards

  • Interactive Views

  • Predefined online reports, ad-hoc reports, data access given to schedule custom reports and delivery

  • Secure, robust document sharing via Online Documents

  • Alert Center

Investor Portal

  • White labeled secure online portal available for fund’s investors and client’s investor relations team

  • Provides source for all fund generated communications and investor statements

To learn more about our real estate fund services and capabilities to support your needs please contact one of the following representatives.

Contact Information

Barry Johnson – Managing Director, Real Estate Product
+1 404 682 5198                          

North America
Ned Siegel
+1 617 664 7618

Steve Langton
+44 20 3395 2713

Dan McNicholas
+852 2230 1639


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