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Superior private equity fund administration is essential to you — and to your investors. By outsourcing to State Street’s Alternative Investment Solutions group — a professional, award-winning fund administrator — you can enjoy genuine efficiencies and improved investor relations.

Through our recent acquisition of Mourant International Finance Administration (MIFA), we have enhanced our range of services, deepened our expertise in private equity fund administration, and greatly expanded our global presence to serve fund managers around the world.

Our specialist fund of funds administration teams will:

  • Provide highly skilled and knowledgeable resources to all administrative workflows, particularly as it relates to tracking correspondence received from your underlying fund investments

  • Give you access to the ‘best practice’ knowledge that we have developed through the size and scope of our fund of funds business

  • Complement traditional fund administration functions with our treasury department, credit services and performance and analytics offering through State Street’s Investment Analytics group

  • Access to our proprietary State Street Private Equity Index allows for industry benchmarking

Our fund of funds administration services include:

  • Full fund accounting and financial reporting services

  • Tracking of all underlying fund commitments, including committed capital, capital contributions, unfunded committed capital and distributions

  • Recording each capital call and distribution received in its most granular details as directed by the client

  • Reconciling all quarterly capital account statements received from the fund manager, including resolution of discrepancies with the fund manager if required

  • Calculating equalization payments, management fees, preferred return, carried interest and IRRs in accordance with the fund agreements

  • Maintaining the limited partner register and transfer of interests as required

  • Full coordination and dissemination of investor communications

  • Coordinating any regulatory filings and supervision of the audit process

  • Coordinating independent tax review, including preparation of detailed tax schedules and worksheets to reconcile book to tax accounting

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Contact Information

Global Head of Sales
Marian Cantillon
+44 20 3395 7502

North America
Ned Siegel
+1 617 664 7618

Sakuya Tajima
+81 3 4530 7571

David Murphy
+44 20 3395 2500

United Kingdom
Steve Langton
+44 20 3395 2713

Nick Clapham
+44 20 3395 2520


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