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Why Outsource?

Outsourced fund services and corporate fund administration is not a new phenomenon in the financial services industry. For years, an increasing number of fund managers have begun to strategically use third-party providers to reduce risk, benefit from specialized industry knowledge and improve efficiency by freeing up employees to more effectively allocate their time.

Some firms may be cautious of outsourced fund services because of a perceived loss of managerial and service quality control, and possible increases to the cost of running the fund.  However, by outsourcing their fund administration to an experienced third-party provider like State Street, firms can often realize significant benefits in three key areas:

1. Risk Management

By providing access to seasoned industry professionals specializing in global accounting standards and who manage calculations and investor reporting, we can reduce your need to recruit, train and manage staff — and also reduce key man risk. Keeping accounting responsibilities separate from fund performance responsibilities can help fund managers concentrate on performance, leaving the fund accounting and administration in safe hands.

2. Specialist Alternative Investment Knowledge

Our clients have direct access to specialists who have extensive experience dealing with the growing complexity of fund structures. These specialists are able to provide reliable, efficient and professional advice — regardless of how complex the fund may be. By using best practice accounting and administration methodology, we can help you achieve your objectives.

3. Operational Efficiency

By working with us, you can benefit from the latest developments in technology and industry-specific platforms without bearing the costs. This enables fund managers to focus on deal flow and performance, but still ensure that the fund accounting and administration are secure. Our strength is in our ability to identify the issues that each client faces, set a direction, and follow through consistently.


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