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Our full-service approach to risk provides data integration, flexible technology and dedicated service support to enable you to focus exclusively on the management and monitoring of your portfolios. Our services span two complementary approaches, each with varying levels of service to accommodate your unique needs:

Position-Based Risk

Our most comprehensive risk management solution available, with full asset class coverage and extensive OTC derivatives expertise. We aggregate data from internal and external sources to provide an enterprise view of portfolio exposures and risk measures on both absolute and relative bases. The range of analytics includes VaR analysis, downside risk, sensitivities, stress testing, risk decomposition and scenario analysis. “What-if” analysis and reallocation tools support your portfolio construction and rebalancing efforts.

Returns-Based Risk

Innovative, market-leading services for assessing risk based upon fund return streams, along with an array of other quantitative and qualitative metrics that enable you to analyze, compare and monitor funds and portfolios. Our offering supports the entire investment process, from portfolio construction and analysis to reporting and document management across current, historical and prospective fund investments.

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