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With continued market uncertainty, increasingly sophisticated investment strategies and amplified regulatory scrutiny, asset owners and managers worldwide are seeking greater transparency of performance, risk, analytics and compliance across their portfolios. Accurate, timely information that clearly illustrates the drivers of your performance and risk, and monitors your investments, is more important than ever.

State Street’s comprehensive investment analytics capabilities provide you with the tools and information to help you make key investment decisions while staying abreast of market fluctuations and meeting ongoing regulatory demands.

Comprehensive solutions for analyzing your investments

To help you better analyze, manage and monitor your investment portfolios, State Street provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of investment analytics services including performance, analytics, risk and compliance. From a fully outsourced model to modular value-added components, our cost-effective services eliminate the need for you to invest in expensive infrastructure, resources and software.

Our offering gives you in-depth insight into the multiple aspects of performance, including a top-to-bottom analysis from the portfolio level down to the asset class, sector and security.  This data is delivered via our state-of-the-art Investment Analytics DashboardSM, a graphical, user friendly and intuitive online interface.

With our capabilities, you have full transparency into your entire portfolio — across all strategies and asset types from traditional to private equity investment, real estate and hedge funds — including performance, analytics, risk and compliance services.

Performance —  A comprehensive view of your portfolio’s overall composition and performance results down to the security level on a monthly and daily basis — gross and net — across all asset classes. We help you determine performance drivers for virtually any slice of your portfolio and compare your results to thousands of peer groups and universes.

Analytics A detailed picture of your portfolio’s overall composition, characteristics, performance and analytics around equity and fixed-income portfolios and aggregates, including performance attribution and trade cost analysis, across all asset types from traditional to alternatives.

Risk Our full-service approach to risk provides data integration, flexible technology and dedicated service support to help you identify, measure and manage multi-dimensional risks through the entire investment lifecycle — from a position-based or return-based perspective.

Compliance Our compliance monitoring services provide comprehensive solutions that quickly and objectively monitor your portfolio’s adherence to specific investment guidelines, market requirements and regulations. Any restriction and limitation can be applied across individual or multiple portfolios on a post-trade, pre-settlement date basis.

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