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Fund Administration

Outsourcing the responsibility for private equity fund administration to our Alternative Investment Solutions professionals lets you focus on managing investment returns and generating value for your investors. Our clients range from small boutiques to some of the world’s largest financial institutions, and are located throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Gulf region.

Customized fund administration

Whether your fund or family of funds is starting up, active and expanding, or winding down and liquidating, our team can solve the challenges of each specific situation. We offer options for every private equity fund type and structure, at every stage of the fund lifecycle. Across the private equity spectrum — venture, buyout, mezzanine, distressed debt and more — we leverage our global locations to create a solution that fits each private equity manager’s needs.

Private equity fund administration around the world

Our offices are strategically based in key jurisdictions so that we can coordinate effective administration for your private equity funds — wherever they are based.

Our specialist venture, buyout and mezzanine fund administration teams will:

  • Provide highly skilled and knowledgeable resources to all administrative workflows

  • Give you access to the industry best practices we have developed through the size and scope of our business

  • Complement traditional private equity fund administration functions with our treasury department

Comprehensive fund administration

Our private equity fund administration services include:

  • Full fund accounting and financial reporting services

  • Reviewing all investment documents and maintaining detailed records of all investment transactions

  • Calculating equalization payments, management fees, preferred return, carried interest and IRRs in accordance with the fund agreements

  • Maintaining the limited partner register and transfer of interests as required

  • Full coordination and dissemination of investor communications

  • Rollover of bridge line in accordance with the leverage facility agreement

  • Coordinating any regulatory filings and supervision of the audit process

  • Coordinating independent tax review, including preparation of detailed tax schedules and worksheets to reconcile book to tax accounting

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Maria Cantillon
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North America
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With increased industry-wide focus on transparency and operational efficiency, effective management of your funds is more important than ever.  But integrating disparate systems, automating manual processes and consolidating multiple data inputs is costly and time-consuming to do in house.  State Street combines state-of-the-art technology and expert fund administration teams located in the world's leading financial markets to create best-practice processes and systems, and ensure that your funds comply with the appropriate regulatory, financial and tax reporting requirements. Because we constantly monitor industry issues, we keep institutional investors like you informed about changing guidelines to help you minimize your risk.

Comprehensive support services

As your needs become increasingly complex, we continue to align our services to support all types of investment objectives and strategies. Our demonstrated servicing expertise adds value across the investment process, from a traditional investment approach to complex and hybrid multi-manager and pooled fund structures.

Our wide range of fund administration services includes:

> Financial Reporting

> Expense Administration

> Tax Services

> Compliance Support

> Legal Administration Services

> Blue Sky Fund Services

> Treasurer’s Office Support

A leading provider of complete custody, fund accounting and fund administration for decades, today State Street services 40 percent of the assets under administration in the US mutual fund market1 and calculates 40 percent of the US mutual fund prices provided to NASDAQ2 every day. This scale and expertise is the foundation of our fund administration capabilities, ensuring we can meet your needs for smooth operations, accurate reporting and business growth.

1Based on industry totals as calculated by the Investment Company Institute as of year-end 2009

2Reported on NASDAQ website as of year-end 2009

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