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State Street facilitates the monitoring, updating and ongoing compliance with state Blue Sky laws that require notice filings in each state where shares are expected to be sold.  This service eliminates the need to manually enter sales information in order to track permit compliance.  Our dedicated servicing team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in Blue Sky requirements.  Using the Automated Business Development BlueWin System, we are able to efficiently monitor and process Blue Sky requirements.  Offering the latest in file transfer automation, BlueWin reduces the risk of manual processing error.

Our standard Blue Sky services include:

State Blue Sky Filings

We will prepare and file:


Initial registrations


Annual filings, including renewals and sales reports


Amendment filings, including, registration increase, name changes, terminations


Transfer Agent Sales Feed Consolidation

BlueWin consolidates approximately 152 transfer agent sales feed files nightly, by fund and by state, to provide you with up-to-date Blue Sky reportable sales registration data.

Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA)

The execution of a LPOA allows State Street to submit notice filings, sign filings and request associated checks on behalf of your funds.

Customized Blue Sky Billing Cycle and Automated Payment

Blue Sky fee allocations can be based on even distributions by portfolio, class or net asset levels.  Our custody and accounting clients can use our integrated payment process that allows for same-day payment of invoices, according to prearranged internal fund transfers. External funding may be paid via wire or electronic transfer.

Customized Reporting

We offer a range of reports that can be customized to meet your requirements:


Registration Period Sales Report


State Registration Matrix


State Registration Reverse Matrix


Quick-Calc Excel estimated fee calculators provide information on initial registration fees (minimum, moderate and maximum levels), name change fees, termination fees and renewal fees


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