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To meet the challenges of today’s shifting global economy, you need a service provider who understands how each market’s events, participants, inherent risks, practices, regulations and operating issues impact the custody of your assets. At State Street, we have built our core custody services on decades of thorough research and knowledge of global financial markets. Through our global custody network covering more than 100 markets, our team of experienced industry professionals brings you extensive market and custody expertise, creating innovative solutions to help meet your increasingly complex and changing business needs.

Our integrated, flexible solutions include:

Transaction Processing and Settlement. As a State Street client, you and your agents can communicate cash and securities instructions to us using multiple electronic methods, including INSTRUCT, a proprietary State Street tool. We use real-time messaging technology so these instructions flow through us directly to the appropriate agent bank or depository with the highest level of straight-through processing available. Our standard settlement model records the monetary settlement of both cash and securities trades on the instructed value or settlement date in all major currencies and many emerging currencies. Trade status updates are available to you in real time to support superior settlement efficiency.

Safekeeping. We provide world-class custody and recordkeeping of assets through our relationships with local depositories, subcustodians and agent banks.

Network Management and Information Services. Our network of providers and market infrastructures is managed with an emphasis on quality, risk management, transparency, market intelligence and leadership. You receive timely market updates through our Global Market Bulletins and other publications available to you on

Corporate Action Services. We handle data collection and scrubbing of event information, leveraging the expertise of vendors, depository and subcustodian sources where needed. Corporate actions communication is facilitated through the full spectrum of SWIFT messaging and CApTAIN, our proprietary corporate actions online application launched through, our award-winning Web-based client information delivery platform.

Income Collection Services. We credit income proceeds on payable dates for the vast majority of assets under our control. This service provides you or your investment managers with more predictable cash flows to meet your need to invest income immediately. Our income tracking technology ensures accurate calculation of entitlements, identification of outstanding receivables and proactive claiming.

Tax Services. Our services include tax regulation monitoring, tax documentation processing, foreign tax reclaim processing, tax exemption and reduction at source application, requests to local tax authorities for residency certifications and capital gains tax filings. We or our subcustodians act as withholding agent to local tax authorities as required.

Proxy Services. We offer proxy services in more than 95 countries through our unique servicing alliance with Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., the industry's leading provider of proxy notification and vote tabulation services to security issuers, transfer agents, custodians, investment managers and voting agents

Reporting Services. Our reporting capabilities provide you with real-time views into the details of your custody transactions, including trade status, asset positions, cash forecasting, intraday cash reporting and daily and monthly priced holdings. Data is delivered through for a secure and timely exchange of custody data. We also support a complete array of inbound and outbound SWIFT messaging capabilities across the transactions settlement and asset servicing functions and end of day messages for reconciliation.

Our custody and accounting capabilities are integrated into a single platform, providing a strong foundation for the multi-product solutions that asset owners and managers require. By bundling a number of services into a single State Street solution, you benefit from consolidated reporting and economies of scale without the extra cost and administrative burden of managing several third-party providers. You also eliminate the risks of sharing information across multiple systems, as the entire solution can draw on one source of investment data. We work closely with you to create a customized solution, delivering operational efficiencies and greater transparency to your business.



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