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Cash Management

Our award-winning Web-based client information platform,, gives you easy access to your accounts and information in near real-time, so you can address your daily cash management needs and gain more control over your cash positions. You can easily customize the portal, streamlining your day-to-day tasks with features like the ability to process money transfers between accounts and to initiate payment orders. All of your critical banking applications and services are consolidated in one place, making management of your treasury needs simple, flexible and secure.

Fully automated and accessible through, the State Street Cash Manager application lets you perform same-day reconcilement of transactions, identify and resolve unauthorized transactions, improve controls around payment authorization, and implement flexible processes to coincide with your business continuity plans. With Cash Manager’s access to intra-day cash balance and transaction information, a view into check images, and the ability to process payments in all of our on-book currencies, you can more effectively manage risk, improve operational efficiency, and enable straight-through processing.

State Street offers a flexible approach to liquidity management by including a variety of active and passive investment options including transaction and call accounts, automated multi-currency sweep capabilities, repurchase agreements, treasury securities, and time deposits.

Our services include:

Cash Reporting

Stay on top of daily cash and trade information via with alerts, views, reports and queries.

Overnight and Short-Term Products

Supported by our Global Treasury team, we manage your cash balances with a variety of money market offerings, an overnight Eurodollar time deposit and an overnight repurchase agreement, collateralized by US Treasury and agency securities.


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