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With the growing complexity of today’s global investment environment, institutional investors like you require accounting solutions that are flexible, comprehensive and scalable. State Street offers a full range of accounting and related services — including pricing, valuation and value-added capabilities — that accommodate your needs across industry segments, fund structures, securities types and geographic regions.

Pricing and Valuation

We tailor our pricing and valuation solutions to the needs of our diverse clients around the world, and apply that customized approach to meet your unique requirements. We are an industry leader in delivering accurate, flexible pricing and valuation for an extensive range of securities and fund types. Our calculations for securities, products, and funds vary from straightforward asset pricing to NAV calculations for complex fund structures.

We provide accounting solutions for a broad range of securities, including:

  • Derivatives

  • Equities

  • ETFs

  • Fixed income (all types)

  • Institutional loans

  • Private equity

  • Real estate

Multiple Accounting Methodologies

The rapid pace of regulatory growth and the surge in cross-border investing require an innovative, global accounting solution that supports diverse accounting standards. Our accounting and reporting are customized to help you better optimize your portfolio results. We support multiple accounting methodologies to give you accurate financial information and a transparent global view across bases, including:

  • GAAP

  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • Local standards

  • Tax

Complex Accounting

Managing and owning assets in a changing global market means juggling multiple accounting standards and fund structures. We provide reliable, customizable accounting for diverse fund structures to deliver the pricing and information you need. Master/feeder cash allocation, side-by-side reports in multiple accounting bases and accurate performance calculations for multi-manager funds are all available to you.

Fund Structures – Each fund structure presents its own set of challenges in managing accounting, reporting and valuation, but all of them include intricacies in NAV calculation, allocation to classes and sleeves, and expense management. Our technology and expertise support a wide range of fund structures:

  • Commingled funds

  • Cross-domicile products

  • Fund of funds

  • Liquidity vehicles

  • Listed/unlisted unit trusts

  • Master/feeder funds

  • Multi-manager funds

  • Pooled investment funds

  • Segregated portfolio companies

  • Separate accounts

  • Structured products


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